Potty raid

Chico police find hidden camera in bar’s restroom

Chico police are investigating the potential criminal actions of Panama Bar & Café, after officers located a hidden camera in the business’ restroom.

According to a Chico Police Department press release, officers were alerted to the device on Dec. 3 by a patron who reported seeing an employee looking at live surveillance footage of a restroom within the downtown bar and restaurant. The witness told officers he recognized not only the interior of the unisex lavatory but also his girlfriend and her friend in the process of using the facility.

The next evening, CPD found a camera located in a false fire detector. The position of the device afforded a partial view of the toilet and urinal, and patrons were indeed seen using the amenities.

Police found a second camera located behind the mirror in the men’s restroom at University Bar. Robert Mowry, who owns both establishments, maintains the cameras were installed only to catch vandals.