Beware the parking citation

City of Chico fine now costs $28

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket, but if getting one ticked you off before, you’re going to be really unhappy the next time you’re pinched in Chico.

That’s because the fees went up by three bucks on Tuesday (Dec. 7), bringing the cost of a single parking violation to $28. Ouch.

Save yourself the trouble of marching down to City Hall and barking at city employees about the increased fine. The $3 increase is courtesy of the state, as part of the 2010 California Budget Act. In other words, the money is going straight to the cash-strapped Capitol.

Chico’s take in the total cost of the citation is $15.50. The remaining $12.50 heads to state and county coffers. The increase, according to a city of Chico press release, is expected to stay in place until July 1, 2013.