Welcome to town, students

A word of caution for attendees of Chico State and Butte College

Downtown was quite a bit busier the week before fall session got underway at Chico State and Butte College. Parking was a little scarcer, foot traffic on the sidewalks much heavier, and the overall vibe one of youthful enthusiasm.

Yep, the students are back in town. Summer sure has flown by. It’s an exciting time, as Chico’s transient college population returns for another academic year and a chance to make a mark on the campus and the city.

We’re hopeful that this year will be one of productivity, particularly in the area of scholarship, and we’re also hopeful for the health and safety of those who have chosen Chico as the transition between home and the “real world” that lies ahead.

We don’t want to come off overly preachy here, but given some of the recent tragedies in the campus community, mostly due to excessive drinking or drinking and driving, we want to urge students, especially those new to town, to take it easy when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Yes, there are many places to buy booze within a few steps of campus. And, yes, it’s easy for those under the legal drinking age to get hooked up by their peers. But imbibing doesn’t have to be dangerous. Have fun, but be responsible. Don’t drink yourself into oblivion, and don’t let your friends do it either. The same goes for drinking and driving. Walk home with pals or take a taxi or pedi-cab ride. Like it or not, these are decisions that can mean the difference between life and death.

Make wise decisions and your college years probably will be some of the best and most rewarding of your life.