Two faces of green movement

While many Americans agree with climate-change actions, many wouldn’t change personally to help the environment

Going green may be the big thing these days, but when it comes down to what individuals are willing to sacrifice for a cleaner world, many turn their back to curbing climate change. When it comes to the personal changes that might be required if the U.S. government takes a stronger stance on climate change, American citizens are, as a whole, not thrilled. Surprisingly, the Zogby poll found that fewer Americans are concerned about climate change today than they were two years ago. When asked about climate change legislation, considering significant lifestyle changes would be necessary, Americans were ho-hum on the subject. Here are some of the results:

44% believe the U.S. government should act

41% strongly disagree with government action

19% strongly agree with government action

75% of Democrats somewhat or strongly agree

74% of Republicans strongly disagree

62% of people in households that make less than $25,000 a year agree

35% of those who make $75,000-$100,000 agree

47% believe the U.S. is doing enough already

Source: Zogby International