President’s approval rating dips

A majority of Americans dissatisfied with Obama

The Commander in Chief’s approval rating has been bouncing around a bit in recent months, but one of the latest polls indicates an all-time low for his administration.

Obama’s presidential job-approval rating sagged to 47 percent last week. Prior to the dip, he received a slight increase (up to 52 percent) just after announcing a new strategy in Afghanistan.

The poll’s results are interesting, considering they came out just days before Obama was headed to Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Poll analysis points out that Obama took office during a time of extremely challenging issues, including a buckling economy, two ongoing wars, climate change and health-care debate.

Here’s a look at previous presidents’ approval ratings during December of their first year in office:

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President year Job approval average Dwight Eisenhower 1953 69% John F. Kennedy 1961 77% Richard Nixon 1969 59% Jimmy Carter 1977 57% Ronald Reagan 1981 49% George H.W. Bush 1989 71% Bill Clinton 1993 57% George W. Bush 2001 86%