Ttle tracks

Wow. This six-song EP of sorts is definitely in the running for best local release of the year. Rarely have I heard such accomplished indie rock/pop gems from a young band in our little burg.

Slickly recorded and mastered by former Uncle Roscoe bassist Scott January at Rickety Shack studios in Paradise, each charming song here highlights the songwriting skills and vocals of front woman Becky Anker (guitar and piano). Her charming tunes range from melancholy ballads to bouncy, piano-driven Beatlesque pop (hear “Bad reaction/unseen reaction” or “Two birds flew”—the catchiest tracks from a Chico band in recent memory).

The veteran indie-rock quartet is rounded out by recent dad Ken Lovgren on drums, Bradley Nabors (an excellent songwriter himself) adding wonderfully understated electric guitar, and Jason Wilmon, holding things together on bass.

Alongside the Terminal Waste Band and Barbara Manning, Royal Crown is at the head of a growing resurgence of artful alternative music happening locally. Fans of Quasi, Goldrush-era Neil Young, Bonnie Prince Billy and the finest indie pop should check out this band right away. The only thing disappointing about this release is that it ends too soon.

Royal Crown is having a CD release party on April 5 (8:30 p.m.) at Café Flo, located at 365 E. Sixth Street next to the Pageant featuring guest mandolin player Matt Doyle. The CD is available at Fulcrum Records.