I am the Messiah

Looking for a tripped-out party album for your next spring fling? The debut album from MC Honky offers an intriguingly humorous, often danceable mix of sampling, robotic voices, live bass and drums, rare album remixes and the occasional baby squeal.

Drawing influences from fellow Silverlake vets Beck and Sukia, Honky has made an eclectic album that sounds like the lost predecessor to Beck’s Odelay (the one fans wish he’d made). Described by the artist as “self-help rock,” one of the album’s several fun tracks is “Soft Velvety Fer,” which features a bizarre, rambling answering machine message from a paranoid woman who talks candidly about getting off anti-depressants and her recent dream of giving birth to a dog with human teeth (over shaky orchestral samples). Each collage-styled song is quite creative and unique in its own way, together invoking a number of emotions for a piecemeal electronic project.

Musical guests include hipster-producer Mickey Petralia, R.E.M drummer Joey Waronker and “Silverlake staple” Koool G Murder (who recalls original “nature boy” Eden Ahbez with his hypnotic, spoken word ode to motivational new age: the relaxing, “A Good Day to Be You”—“look in the mirror, it’s a good day to be you.”