To the dogs

How much to people love their fur babies?

Forget politics for a while and snuggle up with man’s best friend. For its Canine Confessions report, the Havahart company sent out a very comprehensive survey to 2,089 dog owners to find out how intimately pooches are involved in their lives. Here’s a sampling:

Question % Yes

Have full conversations with your dog? 81.1

Say “I love you” to your dog? 70.4

Give your dog human food? 78.7

Buy food from restaurants for your dog? 18.6

Taste your dog’s food? 8.1

Give your dog birthday gifts? 39.8

Throw your dog birthday parties? 5.6

Skip events to spend time with your dog? 21.4

Let your dog lick your face? 52.3

Let your dog lick your lips? 16.9

Love your dog as much as your children? 22.9