Thespians rule

“You never know with actors.” But who cares!
I am of the opinion that the music scene in Chico is so fragmented and scattered that it is not truly a scene right now. There is no band that anyone is too excited about, besides Oddman. And the fans seems happier running off to festivals than coming out to local shows.

On the other hand, the theater scene really seems to be popping and full of vitality.

I was fortunate enough to get to know and work with some of our stars lately, and I’m happy to report not only that we have some great talent on our hands, but also that the contributions they are making via performance, writing, directing and all around just being is oozing inspiration into what has become an anonymous, sterile, boring downtown.

You might have seen Slim Barkowska before. He’s a physically imposing man whose natural comedic tendencies, attention to detail and desire to entertain win you over with every role. You want to like Slim when he’s on stage; he has an air of “coolness” about him. Jocelyn Stringer has recently finished up a sexy seductive role in References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot. First thing that strikes you about Jocelyn is her voice. Many actors’ voices sound the same, but when Ms. Stringer hits the stage you know someone unique has just entered the room. Eli Bird has over the years given many, many memorable moments and is at this very moment off to pursue bigger things in Ashland. He’s a volatile actor whose ability to ignite a scene will be missed. Quentin Colgan is a bit older than your average kid on stage these days, and his charisma shows it. He’s like a Pat and Larry’s steak, well seasoned and rare. John Bertoli has given Chico more laughs over the years than just about anybody—though Bertoli’s serious side is soon to come out in a feature film this fall. Elizabeth Kollings was great in Betty’s Summer Vacation, and on stage it becomes apparent that her enthusiasm and love for acting will take her far beyond this little rice town. Look out, Amanda Detmer!

And this is but a small sampling of who’s who in the theater gang. So disconnect your lips from your digital boob and see some real actors perform live for you. You’ll be glad you did.