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A friend once told me that a wise man once told him, “You need to practice what you preach.” Another buddy from Minnesota also gave me some food for thought when he said, “Perspective: Use it or lose it.” And how could I ever forget what my dad once said: “Son, inside every woman there is something good, my penis"? Yes folks these are words to live by, or at least wonder about.

As I didn’t witness the recent gig at Duffy’s where goddesses got down (I thought that was every night at Duffy’s?) I would be hard-pressed to tell you what went on there. But a blurb sent electronically to me said:

“The first annual Goddesses Get Down at Duffy’s June 9, 2002, was a HUGE success! We packed the house with 200+ people! We fundraised $1,110 and gave $555 to Catalyst and $555 to Rape Crisis.” That sounds great to me.

Mark on your calendar July 13th, for that is the day that Girls Wrestling in Jell-O takes place in Magalia. I always suspected that all the cool people live in Magalia, because they’re certainly not in Chico (just testing ya)! I’d give you an address but I’m terrible at directions and you would probably end in Marysville and you would never forgive me. So just e-mail keri_and_aurora@yahoo.com for more info. I like that it’s $6 for boyz and $3 for gurlz. Guys are pigs.

Chuck Maher, owner of Sound Source, had the idea to bring the Weekend Warrior music clinic to Chico. From what I heard outside the building, all the fledgling bands sounded pretty cool. Look to see some of the newbies later this summer in the park.

In closing this week I want to extend a special wish to Saul Henson and Gina Tropea. You’re two of Chico’s brightest stars, and the whole world is opening just for you. Good luck on your journey. And as an old Indian once said to me, "Don’t take any wooden nickels."