The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Rated 3.0

Ends tonight, June 2. Morgan “Supersize Me” Spurlock is an amusing master of infotainment. His new film is part reality show, a little bit of a mockumentary, an entertaining stunt and an amiable advertisement for himself. The gimmicky premise—a movie about product-placement that will be financed via product placement—is its central joke, and it’s to Spurlock’s credit that he’s able to sustain it, through a variety of comic riffs, over a full 90 minutes. The key, however, is Spurlock himself—his self-deprecating clowning and transparent irony as the film’s presiding prankster/guide is the product most at the heart of this particular matter. He’s skinnier than Michael Moore, and funnier too, but there’s far less real substance in his fandangos than in Moore’s. The social and media phenomena Spurlock’s “exposing” here get pleasantly glossed over by his enthusiasm for the games he has to play in order to bring it all off. Pageant Theatre. Rated PG-13