Teen sentenced for home invasion

He gets 30 days in juvenile detention, plus probation and curfew

The 17-year-old home intruder who menaced a sleeping Chico couple this summer was sentenced last Thursday (Sept. 29) in juvenile court for trespassing and being drunk in public.

The boy, whose name is withheld because he’s a minor, had broken into the home of Randall Stone and his wife in the wee hours of Aug. 3. Stone pulled a gun to get him to leave. Once outside, however, the juvenile left only when Stone fired into the ground twice. (See CN&R Newsline “Close Encounter” by Vic Cantu, Aug. 11).

His sentence includes 30 days in juvenile detention in addition to 57 days he already spent there. Brent Redelsperger, a Butte County deputy district attorney, said he’ll spend three years on probation with a curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. He also must undergo drug and alcohol counseling and is banned from having any gang associations, said Redelsperger, who confirmed the young man has gang connections.