Stiff sentence for assailant

The man responsible for the stabbing attack on Joseph Igbineweka gets seven years in prison

Jorge Aguilar Ceja, the man who stabbed former Chico State Associated Students President Joseph Igbineweka (pictured), is headed to state prison for seven years.

That sentence was handed down on Tuesday (Oct. 4) by Butte County Superior Court Judge Clare Keithley, who gave the upper term of four years, plus three years for inflicting great bodily injury on his victim, according to the Chico Enterprise-Record.

Igbineweka was jumped and stabbed while walking home alone on West Sacramento Avenue back in April 2010. Ceja’s blood, along with Igbineweka’s, was found on a multiple-blade pocket knife located near the scene of the attack. He was identified through DNA.