Go-ahead on disc golf

Chico City Council OKs plan for short course

The years-long effort to create a disc-golf short course in Chico moved forward Tuesday (Oct. 4), when the Chico City Council approved adding six or more pins at the Sycamore Creek levee site that, added to the neighboring Sherwood Forest course, would create a “short-course equivalent” at the Hooker Oak Recreation Area.

Several people from the Chico Equestrian Association, which has a horse ring nearby, said flying discs could spook their horses, making it too dangerous to ride along the levee, the only route they have into Lower Park. But council members decided the pins could be placed away from the levee and that disc golfers could be urged to be careful and not scare the horses.

Another problem: The site needs environmental review, and the Outsiders group that would manage the course doesn’t want to pay $10,000 or more for something that could fail. But the council, which under an agreement with the group is required to find a short-course site, approved the site anyway and told staff to enter into negotiations with the Outsiders.