Someone to lean on

A sample of organizations that offer help to the needy

<br> The Jesus Center

The Jesus Center

Homelessness is not a problem that affects just one group of people. Especially in trying financial times, people who have never lived without a roof over their heads find themselves homeless, needing somewhere to go for help. There are dozens of organizations dedicated to helping people in Butte County. Here are a few. For more, log onto

Esplanade House offers transitional living units for up to 36 months for adults with children younger than 18. 181 E. Shasta Ave., Chico, 891-2977.

The Father’s House Church distributes food Mondays from 1-4 p.m., mostly to residents in South Oroville. 2661 Elgin Street, Oroville, 534-4140.

Greater Oroville Homeless Coalition offers emergency help for homeless individuals and families. 534-6017.

Help for People offers just that—help, in the form of food and links to social services. 5533-A Skyway, Paradise, 872-4357.

The Hope Center has food, clothing, personal grooming supplies and household goods for those who need hope. 6120 Lincoln Blvd. #A & #B, Oroville, 538-8398

The Jesus Center serves two meals a day, Monday-Saturday, in Chico. The Sabbath House resides above the center and provides living space and showers for women and children. 1297 Park Ave., 345-2640.

Oroville Rescue Mission has beds, showers, three meals a day as well as a live-in drug and alcohol recovery program. 4250 Lincoln Blvd, Oroville, 533-9120.

Torres Community Shelter offers beds, showers and links to social services for up to six months in Chico. 101 Silver Dollar Way, 891-9048.

Youth for Change offers beds and meals for runaway or endangered youth, ages 14-17 with transportation to/from 6th Street Drop In Center at 130 Sixth St. in Chico. Shelter hours are 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. 894-8008