Sling TV

A subsidiary of Dish Network, Sling TV is a stand-alone, Internet-based live-television subscription service that starts at $20 a month for 23 channels that include the likes of ESPN, Food Network, Cartoon Network and more. Add-on packages featuring anywhere from one (e.g., HBO) to half a dozen or so more channels cost $5 each per month, on a month-to-month basis, adding flexibility in what you do and don’t pay for. The service streams via an app on most mobile devices as well as some smart TVs, game consoles and other streaming devices (e.g., Roku or Chromecast). And, while connectivity and streaming quality are occasionally issues, both are rare and self-correcting. The real drags are the lack of on-demand options and the inability to simultaneously stream to multiple devices—not to mention Sling TV’s “live” stream runs about a minute behind the cable feed. Far from perfect, Sling TV isn’t the solution we’ve been waiting for, but given the low price point it’s a viable choice for cord cutters.