Singing Saw

Though only 28, songwriter Kevin Morby has made a dent in his career that can take some artists twice the time to achieve. With two successful bands under his belt (Woods, The Babies), Morby’s gone the solo route and has recently released his third album in three years, Singing Saw. His lilting voice and clear lyrical settings have garnered comparisons to the dry, folky delivery of Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, and while the likenesses are most definitely apt, Morby continues to define his own sound apart from his influences. Songs like “I Have Been to the Mountain” and “Destroyer” exhibit the true caliber of Morby’s songwriting (not to mention his spectacularly sharp backing band). The album maintains a folky solo demeanor with the power of a full lively musical entourage: sparkling piano lines, crisp cymbals and tambourines, bright horns and fantastic harmonies. I look forward to what this man will be creating by his 30s.