Moods Baby Moods

As more and more artists are priced-out of San Francisco, there are still a few bands left standing in the fog, one being Sonny and The Sunsets. The four-piece (with coming-and-going pieces), fronted by Sonny Smith, is known for its odd beach pop. The group’s new album, Moods Baby Moods, has less of the Sunsets’ typical reverby wash and more crude electronic beats with a heavy 1980s influence. The constant is Smith’s quirky lyrical delivery, similar to the meandering charm of (now) Chico’s Jonathan Richman. At the same time, there’s an overall stark raw quality that can be reminiscent of long-adored punk poppers The Unicorns (see “White Cops on Trial”). There are moments when the chorus keeps looping and it can feel like staring at modern art gone awry, but the pure charisma is a reminder that that’s in fact its point. Listen to it with extra-open ears, and if anything, just appreciate it for keeping a little art in the Bay.