There once was a time when “extreme” metal bands like Celtic Frost and Venom and Metallica could pummel your face with a righteous riff while also giving you something to hum days after the pummeling. Norway’s Kvelertak (which translates to “stranglehold”) runs with this approach, and the result makes for an extremely satisfying headbang session. The six-piece’s third LP, Nattesferd, dips into many genres, from glam rock to death metal and American thrash, but it doesn’t feel jarring or scattered. One exception might be the Van Halen-esque lead single “1985,” which includes an unhealthy serving of ear candy mixed with Erlend Hjelvik’s salty, controlled bark. That song is matched by the epic, yet still tuneful “Heksebrann,” which clocks in at nine minutes, and gives Kvelertak’s three-guitar attack space to work its magick. Nattesferd is heavy. And it’s also more fun than it has any business being. No need to overthink it—just up the irons and let the good times roll.