Above average

A Web site called and hosted by FINANCIALAID.COM, which explains, highlights and advertises college loan information, says it surveys more than 80,000 students from 860 colleges across the nation to establish report cards on the nation’s universities. The resulting grades, the site says, “are based on what students at this college and recent graduates told us about the different aspects of their school.” The ranking shows how the school compares with the 859 other colleges in the survey. Chico State University ranks high in professor, Greek life and food categories, but fails miserably in curriculum, and student life is below average. Here’s how CSU did:

Category Grade Rank

Professors B+ 95

Curriculum F 659

Computer/Tech C 313

Parking C 386

Student Life C- 440

Clubs C 430

Greek Life B 146

Athletics C 431

Social Life C+ 236

Food B 189

Overall grade C+ 279