Money matters

Enloe hospital is one of the top employers in Butte County with its 2,200 workers making it second only to CSU, Chico in terms of jobs provided. The nonprofit boasts that its nonmanagement employees earn an average of $47,548 a year, plus benefits—over $13,000 more than the median income for the Chico-Paradise area. Still, low-level employees in food service and housekeeping make more along the lines of $8 or less. Here’s what top managers earned in fiscal year 2003-04, according to 990 forms filed with the IRS. (Some of these workers may have since left Enloe.) There are also a handful of physician assistants, a charge nurse and a pharmacist who earn more than $125,000 annually.

Employee position salary benefits expense account

Philip R. Wolfe president/CEO $541,386* $82,160 $5,815

Daniel P. Neumeister senior VP/Chief Operating Officer $339,796 $56,127 $3,323

Christine Sarrico Chief Financial Officer $305,411 $27,444 0

Thomas Wright VP business development $224,406 $57,841 0

Robert A. Adams VP Enloe Hospital Foundation $211,353 $55,976 0

Janet Ellis VP Enloe Medical Center $209,717 $20,438 0

Pam L. Sime† VP human resources $208,657 $33,004 0

* Wolfe has received additional consideration from Enloe, such as a personal loan for $95,406 in 1996 at 6-percent interest.

† resigned position in April 2004