Stake your claim

Every year the city of Chico is slapped with claims demanding restitution for any number and variety of accidents or mishaps for which the victims (or their insurance companies) believe the city is responsible. Below are the most recent quarterly claims rejected by the city through June. Once the city rejects the claim, the claimant may file a civil action against the city.

Claimant and claim

Eugene Kemper: Damage from falling limb to rain gutter and vehicle parked in driveway at 200 block Picholine Way causing $1,068.21 damage.

Maureen Therese Hayes: False arrest/excessive force against Chico and Red Bluff police in connection with incident on Nov. 1, 2003, at East Fourth and Main streets. Amount asked for places matter in jurisdiction of Superior Court.

Robert and Patsy Dodd: Damage of $250 from falling limb striking vehicle parked on the 200 block of West Third Street.

Susan Condon: Damage of $55 to carport rain gutter when tree fell.

Alvy Morgado: Damage of $1,864.49 to vehicle hit by city vehicle driven by Fire Department employee.