Going commercial

In the market for a commercial property? Maybe one that comes with a business all ready to go? Well, you can search for commercial land and buildings just as you would a residence, by going to or one of several local real-estate sites. In the Chico area, there are several such properties up for grabs.

974 Mangrove, $179,000. Woman Beautiful clothing store; has annual income of $450,000 and $80,000 in inventory

2280 Ivy, $899,500. 23,100-square-foot warehouse near Meyers St.

1601 Esplanade, $1,300,000. Medical building next to Enloe; 7 tenants

3095 Esplanade, $585,000. Vacant land, 4,028 square feet

3268 Esplanade, $975,000. Location of Dan Gamel Motor Homes; seller may carry loan with 40% down

572/578 Rio Lindo, $2,100,000. Occupied by medical services; rents currently “below market”; annual income of $198,000

1017 Pomona, $285,000. 2-bedroom rental plus restaurant (formerly Wasney’s BBQ)

2197 Fair St., $209,000. 1935 house on land zoned commercial

383 H Conners Ct., $169,500. Vacant building in Plaza West center; add $240 in association dues

9305 Midway (Durham), $1,799,999. Shell station; annual income of $250,000