Hey, there really are jobs

Recently, the Chico Chamber of Commerce and the city of Chico released the city’s 2004 economic profile. In it is a wide range of information about the town, ranging from general demographics to population projections, age distribution and education statistics, to name a few. Also listed is information on Chico’s leading employers. We searched Internet job sites and made a few phone calls to determine which of the town’s top employers are currently hiring.

Aero Union Corporation is currently looking to fill the position of director of the international aerial firefighting academy.

Bi-Tech Software makes computer software and is hiring software developers.

Lares Research makes dental equipment and is looking for field sales representatives.

Enloe Medical Center has numerous nursing positions open and is looking for an admitting supervisor, billing clerk, EMTs and several other employees.

Chico State University has a number of job openings, including campus police officer, metal worker, taxation compliance specialist and occupational health and safety coordinator.

Butte Community College is looking for a part-time sign language instructor, an administrative secretary and an instructional career specialist.

Chico Unified School District is looking to hire an electronics technician and an instructional paraprofessional specialized to health care.

Gottschalks department store is looking to hire an assistant store manager of merchandising.

Tri Counties Bank is hiring tellers.