Dope on the drug problem

It’s no secret that Butte County has a problem with methamphetamine. Efforts to stop the maufacture and sale of the drug have seemingly made only a small dent in its use, even though arrests and seizures are both up. The following figures, culled from the 2003 annual report of the Butte Interagency Task Force on Narcotics, illustrate efforts by law enforcement to shut down labs and arrest users and dealers. In the past few years, BINTF has also worked to get kids out of homes where drugs are being used, made or sold.

Butte County statewide rank for # of labs seized per capita 6

Cost to state of cleanup for 51 seized labs in 2003 $69,971

% of BINTF arrests involving meth 68

Butte county statewide rank for # of kids detained from meth lab sites 3

# of kids “rescued” from meth labs 11

# of kids “rescued” during 96 Drug Endangered Child investigations 223

# of endangerment files charged out of 64 requested 51

% rise in BINTF arrests since 1999 135

Total value of all drugs seized $35,204,867

Total value of all meth seized $23,501,694

Total property seized, including vehicles and a boat $65,800

Total # of firearms seized 96