Sew cool

Whip up some handmade curtains to keep in the cool this summer

As we all learned brutally this past week, it is finally officially feeling like summer. That means everything—from your car to your apartment or house to your sweating self—is hot. For most people, that means it’s time to close the blinds during the day to repel the sun’s rays—and then hit the pool or One-Mile.

But what if your blinds just aren’t enough? Why not make some curtains? You can even use stuff you have lying around the house, like an old sheet or blanket, or you can create a patchwork with old clothes (to be extra cute, make a matching throw pillow!). Here are some simple instructions. Hint: If you’re not a sew-master, you can use double-sided seam tape instead.

• Get yourself a curtain rod that fits your window.

• If you’re working with a sheet or blanket, start by cutting the fabric in half, allowing for an extra 4-5 inches on top (it will have to fit around your curtain rod) and 2 inches on bottom for seams. The more advanced sewers will start this step after fitting together a patchwork design to the desired width and length.

• Sew the side and bottom seams by folding the edge under a half inch and then again, about an inch. Iron the seam flat.

• Fold over the top edge a half inch, sew and iron.

• Fold over the top sewn edge a couple of inches (enough to fit your curtain rod easily), and sew, leaving the sides open.

• Insert your rod, hang and enjoy the coolness—and cuteness—you’ve added to your humble abode.