Respite responsibly

Think about the earth while vacationing

We’re officially into summertime, the unofficial season for vacationing. After a long winter of hard work, that time off is well-deserved.

But before heading to a remote island getaway in the tropics, or flying elsewhere halfway around the world, consider some eco-friendly trips and tips:

• How about adventuring right in your back yard? Vacationing around these parts saves gas and therefore carbon emissions (and money). Think about the nearby environs you haven’t explored (museums; city, state and national parks; and music festivals). For more ideas, see this week’s CN&R special tab, Stay Local.

• No matter where you end up, think about making light footprints by packing accordingly. Eliminate the need for single-use products, such as throw-away miniature shampoo and conditioner bottles, by taking as many reusable products as possible. Think plates, cloth napkins, regular utensils, etc …

• While you’re away, be sure to turn off your air conditioner and unplug other energy-sucking appliances.

• If you must have a souvenir, make sure it’s something locally made. Crafts, foodstuff and jewelry are always a good bet. Stay away from cheaply constructed trinkets and doodads, including mass-produced T-shirts imported from thousands of miles away.