Salute to our military

A look at active-duty personnel

Salute to our military

May is Military Appreciation Month and there are a number of holidays and events in honor of all our veterans, reserves and active-duty personnel. Everyone knows that May 31 is Memorial Day. In addition, May 15 (Saturday) is Armed Forces Day. May 1 was Loyalty Day, May 7 was Military Spouse Appreciation Day and May 8 VE Day. For those in the Chico area who would like to celebrate the armed forces, Sons of the Fallen: A Live Tribute to Our Military Heroes will be shown Tuesday (May 18) at 8 p.m. at Tinseltown. Below is a rundown of active-duty military personnel by branch and location as of December 2009.

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  United States Abroad Worldwide Army 486,310 67, 016 553,326 Navy 208,291 121,227 329,918 Marines 164,578 39,575 204,153 Air Force 278,389 56,282 334,671 Total 1,137,568 284,100 1,421,668

Source: U.S. Department of Defense