What do Californians want?

It’s not what some politicians think

What do Californians want?

As the election season heats up, it’s worth asking what really matters to Californians. What statewide issues do they think are important? How do they prioritize them?

For example, do they think illegal immigration is critically important, as Steve Poizner, the Republican candidate for governor, seems to believe, judging from his recent TV ads? Well, not really, as a March Field poll indicates.

What voters seem to be most concerned about is: first, jobs and the economy; second, the state budget deficit; and, third, education.

Here’s the list, showing the percentage of voters who rated each issue as “among the most important” in the 2010 governor race.

Jobs/economy: 69%

Budget deficit: 68%

Education: 60%

Health care: 51%

Taxes: 47%

Illegal immigration: 37%

Water: 36%

Source: The Field Poll