Revenge of the Sith

Twentieth Century Fox Home Video

You can accuse the Star Wars prequels of many flaws, but a shoddy DVD release is not one of them. Each DVD has given the faithful fanboy a disc with a reference- quality video transfer, an immersing, expressive soundtrack, deleted scenes, documentaries, commentaries and other bonus features. Revenge of the Sith is no exception. As always, the video transfer is exceptional, primarily because the movie has never touched film; Revenge of the Sith was filmed and edited digitally, and this is a direct bit-for-bit transfer of the digital negative. The soundtrack is a little quiet, but once you crank up your amp, the surrounds are active and the dialogue is crystal clear. If you have an aversion to self-congratulation, you’ll want to skip the commentary with two hours of Lucas’ flat Modesto twang as well as the mind-numbingly boring documentaries, but if toadyism is your thing, dive on in. There are a few gems in the deleted scenes, but the majority are just wooden actors expounding exposition, and were wisely deleted. Ultimately, despite its myriad flaws, Revenge of the Sith was the prequel that came closest to capturing the magic of the original Star Wars trilogy, and is definitely worthy of a slot on your shelf.