Magic Slim & the Teardrops, Anything Can Happen

Blind Pig Records

Chicago bluesman Magic Slim’s new DVD, filmed and recorded Feb. 20 of this year at Chico’s very own Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room, takes its title from a line uttered by Slim in the informative endearing interview done with him the night before the show (in the Extras section), regarding the following night’s performance. “Anything can happen!” the big, gravel-voiced, guitar-playing teddy bear good-naturedly warns. What does happen is largely a whole lot of dance-inspiring, up-tempo blues shuffles punctuated by the occasional slow “belly-rubber,” like “Please Don’t Dog Me,” delivered in style by one-of-a-kind Slim and his talented Teardrops. Produced by local videographer and PBS producer Peter Berkow and a team of talented locals—including audio engineer Dale Price, and trumpeter Jeff Daub, who did the DVD authoring and is one of the familiar faces in the dancing crowd—Anything Can Happen is a well-done chronicle of another fun night at the Big Room. It’s a great memento for those of us who were there and just plain good viewing for any blues lover.