Sin City

Dimension Home Video

Granted, I’m just a two-bit movie reviewer on the outskirts of Podunk, USA, but in my opinion future film historians will look back on the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller collaboration Sin City as one of the most influential films of the early 21st century. Bypassing the costly strictures of celluloid, shot on HD digital video and using all of the nearly free bells and whistles available therein, the flick is the perfect marriage of two visual arts that have existed in parallel, and yet have never truly before met in perfect harmony: the graphic novel and film. A gritty and grisly ode to the film noir era, Sin City is Mike Hammer taken to the nihilistic nth degree, and yet with a heart of romanticism to make it bearable. The DVD release sees some graphic details more overtly bloody than the theatrical release, with the only extra being a thin Behind the Scenes featurette. Unless you feel the need to own all four collector edition covers offered with this release, I’d recommend waiting for the deluxe two-disc package due in December.