Music as we know it would not exist without Robert Moog and the electronic instrument he created nearly 50 years ago by using electronic circuits to generate musical tones. In the course of this film Moog discusses how his invention evolved from his original modular synthesizers, which used patch cords and dials to manipulate the sound waves, to the more familiar keyboard-equipped instruments played by rock musicians such as Keith Emerson. In the interview portions of the film Moog comes across as articulate, humorous and humble, a spiritually attuned scientific craftsman whose pursuit of his interests led him to create devices that would forever alter our definition of music and musical instruments. An informal forum featuring classical rock pioneer Rick Wakeman, funk progenitor Bernie Worrell and Moog chatting in the hallway of some anonymous concert venue is a highlight, as is the discussion between Moog and hip-hop pioneer DJ Spooky, whose monologue about the implications of employing synthesized sounds as well as sampled recontextualizations from multiple historic sources is cogent, illuminating and surprising. Go get it, music lovers.