Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music

BMG Distribution

Originally released in 2000 and out for the first time on DVD, Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music is a haunting proto-documentary about all of that. While the production values are rough, the film is a fascinating backstage look at Cash’s life during what was arguably the zenith of his career, the late ’60s. He had just married the love of his life, June Carter, and released his groundbreaking At Folsom Prison album. The camera follows Cash on tour, and includes a considerable amount of behind-the-scenes footage, including a visit to his childhood home in Dyess, Ark. and even sits in on a session of Cash and a young Bob Dylan recording a duet of “One Too Many Mornings.” Although the source footage tends to be grainy and oversaturated, the transfer is top-notch and the performances riveting. The observant viewer will recognize the film as a primary source of the archival footage in Cash’s final, heart-wrenching video “Hurt.” This disc is a must-have for anyone who is more than a casual Cash fan.