Recycling never sounded so good

A fun way to recycle your compact discs

As much as it pains our music-store-loving hearts to advocate anything that would further threaten brick-and-morter shops, there’s no escaping the fact that digital-music downloads are better for the environment than packaged CDs. In fact, if you’ve made the switch to digital, you’re actually probably starting to get tired of having a bunch of CDs/cases lying around the house. Since curbside recycling isn’t an option for CDs, the folks at Murfie Music ( have come up with a unique solution. Send them your CDs and they’ll recycle the jewel cases, store your discs in their warehouse, and send you a digital copy (in any format) for $1 per album. You can even buy other people’s used music (and sell yours) on their website, downloading for a buck and transferring the physical disc to your Murfie collection at typical used-music prices.