Quizzing the Swan

The questions:

1.Describe WBS in three words.
2. Cat Power or Bjork?
3. First concert?
4. Best bad guy ever?
5. First Web site you check each day?
6. Favorite WBS bill?
7. American Idol or 24?
8. If you could be one person, dead or alive, for one day, who would it be?
9. Best SNL: ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s?
10. Take this Jung personality test (www.humanmetrics.com): What are you?

The answers:

Conrad, bass/vocals

1. West By Swan
2. Cat Power
3. The Carpenters
4. I don’t know.
5. Pitchforkmedia.com
6. Kinski, Sleepyhead, Lott Lyzzyrd, WBS at Off Limits
7. “No” to both. “Yes” to Style Network’s How Do I Look?
8. Me. I actually have never been happier. If I had to, Tom Verlaine in Television during the ‘70s, or James Ellroy.
9. Late-'90s/early-'00s with Ferrell
10. INFJ [An Idealist—specifically, a Counselor]

Dan, guitar/vocals

1. Textured noise pollution
2. Cat Power
3. Buck Owens at the Cal State Fair (must have been 6 or 7)
4. Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast
5. Chicolist.com
6. Kinski at Off Limits
7. 24
8. Kool Herc
9. ‘70s
10. ENTJ [A Rational—specifically, a Field Marshal]

Daniel, drums

1. 1337 5p0ck pwn3rz
2. Neither
3. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin in Sacramento
4. Local Bastard
5. Myspace.com/danieltaylor
6. Kinski at Off Limits or Rogue Wave at Fulcrum
7. 24
8. Myself, the way I ought to be
9. I’m looking forward to the ‘10s.
10. ENTP [A Rational—specifically, an Inventor]

Dave, guitar/vocals

1. old young new
2. Both
3. Can’t remember
4. No such thing
5. SBC home page
6. Kinski at Off Limits, or the last Fulcrum show
7. 24
8. I already am one person.
9. ‘90s
10. INTJ [A Rational—specifically, a Mastermind]