Putin Trump


Of all the worrisome aspects of the very real prospect that Donald Trump may be elected president of the United States, none stands out more than his relationship with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and his support for Russia’s latter-day expansionism. Trump has praised Putin’s “strong leadership,” questioned the value of America’s historic alliance with NATO, invited Russian hackers to meddle in the presidential election, and hired campaign staffers with financial ties to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine. Less often discussed, however, are Trump’s own financial ties to Russia. While it’s true that he hasn’t invested in Russia, as he’s said, it’s fact that Russia has invested heavily in him. Not only have Russian investors lent him hundreds of millions of dollars, they also have purchased many of his expensive residences. This website, funded by left-of-center billionaire Rob Glaser, exists solely to highlight Trump’s Russian connections, and it does an excellent job, believe me.