Protect and conserve groundwater

Some tips for this precious natural resource

Groundwater is one of the world’s most important resources. It provides safe drinking water for families (44 percent of Americans rely on groundwater for drinking), is essential to growing food crops, manufacturing, mining and thermoelectric power. It plays a huge role in the health of the environment. For example, groundwater supplies much of the water that flows in streams. It’s important, then, to conserve and protect this resource. March 6-12 is National Ground Water Awareness Week. Here are some conservation and preservation tips:


• Never dispose of water when there is another use for it
• Repair leaky faucets and toilets
• Choose low-flow appliances and hardware
• Run the dishwater and clothes washer only for full loads
• Landscape with drought-tolerant vegetation


• Store hazardous substances in secure containers
• Dispose of hazardous household substances at a waste-disposal facility
• Mix hazardous household substances over concrete or asphalt
• Do not dispose of hazardous household wastes down sinks or toilets

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