Green giants

UK’s The Observer publishes top-20 list of worldwide sustainability leaders

British newspaper The Observer published on Jan. 16 its top-20 list of people “who will be setting the global environmental agenda in the coming year.” Titled “Green giants: the eco power list,” it is a precursor to the U.K.’s upcoming 2011 Observer Ethical Awards presentation—dubbed the “green Oscars.”

On the list:

• New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who heads up the C40, a climate-change-focused group comprising the leaders of the 40 biggest cities worldwide

Evo Morales, president of Bolivia

• Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally, who recently unveiled the new Ford Focus Electric

• Actor and sustainable builder Brad Pitt, whose Make It Right Foundation recently built 13 homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward

Joel Salatin, famous Virginia farmer who recently spoke in Chico

Henry Saragih, chairman of the Indonesian Peasant Union

• Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who got props as the “Emissions Terminator” for his work to cut greenhouse emissions as well as “effectively outlaw[ing] his very own Hummer.”

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