Five tips for a greener new year

Yep, it’s that time again, when the date on the calendar inches closer and closer to a new year and resolutions are on everybody’s minds. While losing 10 pounds, quitting biting your nails and cutting back on unnecessary spending are valiant goals for 2011, why not add a few green resolutions to your list? Here are five ideas from for inspiration.

1. Forgo paper and plastic. Did you know that it takes four times more energy to make paper bags than plastic ones? Neither is good for the environment, so shell out a few bucks for the reusable kind.

2. Stop buying bottled water. Klean Kanteens are not only easy to use, they’re fashionable too. Add a filter to your tap, fill up your Kanteen, rinse, repeat. Virtually no waste!

3. Give up paper towels. Instead, opt for microfiber towels that you can use again and again. When you must use paper, seek out the recycled kind. It’ll save a lot of trees.

4. Recycle. You’d be surprised how many people toss their empty soda cans in with the food scraps and other garbage. Start with one category at a time if it’s tough for you to get in the habit. If you’re already a recycling pro, try starting a compost bin.

5. Cut back on catalog clutter. How’d you get on so many mailing lists anyway? Log onto to stop the unwanted mailings within 10 weeks.