Project puts rocker in limelight

The Edge hits wall

Environmentalists are booing U2 lead guitarist David Evans (The Edge), a musician who often flaunts his humanitarian efforts, for his plans to build five luxury homes with swimming pools on Malibu’s sensitive coastline, according to media reports.

In early February, the California Central Commission accused Evans (pictured) of trying to dodge environmental rules by contending that his massive building project on Sweetwater Ridge—deemed an “ecologically significant habitat area,” according to the California Coastal Act—consists of five, separately owned parcels and therefore each should be reviewed separately regarding its environmental impacts.

Evans and his wife have been jumping through hoops to obtain permits since they purchased the 156-acre property in 2006. Since then, they’ve tweaked their plans to appease Malibu locals and environmentalists, including lowering the houses’ heights and moving them farther from the water. Evans has also touted his “green” building plans, which include using recyclable resources, solar power and rainwater systems.

Evans and his business partners recently were able to postpone a scheduled vote on their project. It is unknown what they’ll do next.