Penning the paranormal

Jodi Foster

Photo By Nick Pike

More than a decade ago, Jodi Foster moved to Chico and immediately experienced a haunting she’s never been able to forget. After years of struggling to understand the meaning behind it, she put pen to paper and published her first book, Forgotten Burial: A Restless Spirit’s Plea for Justice. The book, released last month, tells the story of Foster’s paranormal experiences and dreams that occurred in her first Chico apartment, and their ties to a missing-person case from 1976. As she delves deeper into understanding her haunting, she discovers that the missing girl, who had lived in her apartment, was linked to a kidnapping case in Red Bluff. That case was known locally and nationally as the story of the “seven-year sex slave” and involved Cameron Hooker, currently serving time in Corcoran State Prison. Self-publishing through iUniverse, Foster has received both the Editors’ Choice and Rising Star awards for the work. She has a book signing this Saturday (Oct. 15) at Barnes & Noble from 4-6 p.m., as well as upcoming appearances at Lyon Books & Learning Center and the Psychic Fair. Her book is available at local book stores and on her website, at

What inspired you to write this story?

I had told people I knew about the spiritual intervention I was having and these experiences that tied in with these past real-life events, and they told me I had a great story. So I just sat down and began writing about it.

Had you had any writing experience before that?

No, I have the equivalent of a high-school education. No journalism classes or anything like that. Friends just told me to write it in the same voice that I have when I’m speaking.

Have you had any other paranormal experiences?

No, it started when I was 6 years old, [with] my grandfather, a retired mortician. I talk about it in the book, but it’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life but blocked away when I was younger.

How long did it take for this whole story to unfold?

As long as I lived there [in that apartment], starting in the year 2000 to 2001. I moved in the same day the girl went missing years before. After I began to have experiences and hearing about this story I started my research with the help of local law-enforcement agencies. It took me a year and a half to write the book and about the same amount of time for the editing and publishing.

Any more writing in your future?

I’m actually putting together another book about Chico’s mysteries, rumors and folklore. I’m hoping to have it done by this time next year.