Party cab

Kyle Crock and Jordan Cox

Photo By Nick Pike

Best friends and Paradise locals Kyle Crock and Jordan Cox are putting a business degree and some cab-driving experience to the test with a new unique venture. They have taken the experience of a regular taxi cab ride and made it a party before the party, dubbing their business Karaoke Taxi Cab. The idea is fairly simple—customers are driven in a mobile club-themed SUV stocked with more than 13,000 songs to belt out on the way to their destination. The cab stands out amongst the rest with its bright pink-and-black paint job and vibrantly lit interior. Recently, Crock sat down with the CN&R to explain what the business is all about. For more info, log onto or call 402-7464.

What inspired this concept?

Jordan has some cab-driving experience with Liberty Cab Co. and we heard that someone was doing a party cab concept down in Texas, so we wanted to bring something like that to Chico and give the customers something new and different. It’s something were really passionate about and hope it turns into something great. It’s very scary launching a new business, especially with the competition in the cab business in Chico.

Where do you want to see the company go?

We would like this to be a fixture in college towns everywhere; there’s a huge market for that and here they seem to really enjoy the concept. We’ve also had a couple parents call us for their kids’ birthday parties, which was surprising but the kids really liked it. It’s only been a month but people seem to be responding pretty positively to what we’re doing.

How does the karaoke work with that many songs?

We have microphones with a number pad and a binder with every song and its corresponding code so when people want a song we’ll look it up and tell them the code to press into their microphone and it will start playing for them.

I saw mention of churches on your website—what’s that all about?

There’s a lot of faith-based companies out there like Forever 21, In-N-Out Burger, Feather River Hospital and some local Chico businesses that have that background and we wanted to support them by plugging their businesses.

Have you had any memorable customers?

We’ve had groups of guys that’ll come in and request to karaoke Britney Spears songs and will get really into it. Other than people really getting into the music, nothing too crazy has happened.