Not much development

Most of last year’s eyesores are in the same condition—but there are a few surprises

IN TRANSITION<br>The old Chi Tau house is undergoing a major makeover.

The old Chi Tau house is undergoing a major makeover.

Photo by meredith j. cooper

Last year, we decided to print a photo essay dedicated to the not-so-beautiful sights of Chico. Some people disagreed with our assessments, and most of the spots haven’t changed much over the past year. The goal is to (hopefully) persuade some interested developers to beautify our fair city. At least one party took charge, even if he or she isn’t ready to discuss plans yet.

The old Chi Tau house (Fourth and Chestnut streets): This is the most exciting development of all of last year’s eyesores, but the current owner wants to keep the plans hush-hush until everything’s been fixed up. Builders are busily working to refurbish the place—quite a big undertaking—and it’s expected to be done in the next couple months. Stay tuned for updates!

Dueling lots on East Avenue (west of the Esplanade): still vacant (except for some old, rusty equipment) and ugly as ever.

Chico Nut Co. (2020 Esplanade): Isn’t going to move any time soon, but the city wouldn’t mind if it did—in fact, for its general plan, that area will be zoned as mixed-use, just in case an opportunity arises for the longstanding nut company to move and residential buildings be put in its place.

The Performing Arts Center (Chico State campus): Shortly after this story ran, we got word from the university that it might be interested in getting a mural painted on the big, blank side of this building that faces Chico. We’re not sure they have money to fund such a project, with state budget cuts taking a bite out of the whole CSU system, but it sure would be nice.

The AT&T building (Fourth and Hazel streets): Not gonna change any time soon.

Chico Scrap Metal (878 E. 20th St.): Scrappy is as scrappy does.

The old Ruby’s Ranchito (Second and Walnut streets): There’s a taco truck out front some days, but the old Ruby’s building hasn’t changed.

The old Taylor’s Drive-In (Park Avenue and 11th Street): Ditto on the taco truck.

Houses above Upper Park: An eyesore we’ve begrudgingly learned to live with. They sure beat TANC’s plan to bring another high-power electricity line through the park.

Bank of America (400 Broadway): Sorry to say, it’s here to stay.