New-school proverbs

Some unorthodox tips for a longer life

We’ve all been bombarded with tips for how to live longer, healthier lives—eat lots of apples, sleep with the window open, don’t stick your tongue in electrical sockets and so on—so let’s not bore anyone with the same tired proverbs. Here are some unorthodox, life-saving hints for the ages:

• Make friends and choose them wisely: Studies suggest social people live longer, happier lives, but your friends also rub off on you. If your good friend becomes obese, your chances of becoming obese rise by 57 percent.

• Get married: There is speculation that the social and economic support a marriage can provide explains why married individuals outlive their single counterparts.

• Forgive: Just let your petty grudges go, because an angry life is a short life. Forgiveness lowers anxiety, blood pressure and your chance for stroke and heart disease.

• Find purpose: Start flying handmade kites or something, because a life devoid of meaningful projects or hobbies indicates a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.