Kick the habit in 2012

Free nicotine patches for all Butte County smokersKick the habit in 2012

About 14 percent of California adults are regular cigarette smokers, according to a 2010 survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s roughly 3.8 million people who can use the new year as a good excuse to quit smoking. To that end, the California Smokers Helpline (1-800-NO-BUTTS) is sending callers from Butte County free nicotine patches through the end of January. Each caller who enrolls in his or her free telephone-based quitting program will receive a two-week starter kit to help kick the habit in 2012. Patches work by releasing controlled amounts of nicotine into the bloodstream, reducing the symptoms of withdrawal and slowly weaning smokers off nicotine. Call or go online at for more information.