The no-hangover game plan

Stay safe and take care to replenish your body’s resources

One can of course avoid the pain of a hangover by not drinking, but this weekend is New Year’s Eve after all. So, if you plan on partaking, stay in a safe place, don’t drive, and follow this game plan for minimizing the pain.


• Eat: Give your body more time to process toxins by slowing down the alcohol absorption thanks to a full stomach (which will also reduce stomach irritation and the chances of puking).

• Drink water: Stave off dehydration.

• Multivitamin: Prep for depletion of vitamins from all that peeing.

Game time:

• Moderation and spacers: The body takes about an hour to process a drink, so stick with one drink per hour. Pass the time between by partaking in a “spacer,” aka a glass of water.

• Choose wisely: Don’t make your body work too hard by switching from one type of alcohol to another. Stick with one variety—beer, or wine, or booze.


• Two aspirin or ibuprofen (not acetaminophen!) before bed.

• Two more aspirin, a multivitamin and a big glass of water in the morning.

• Eat breakfast to replenish sugars and minerals (especially eggs, bananas and juice).