Trick your inner glutton

The holidays always present a challenge for those hoping to lose weight: Hmm, should I stick to the diet, or pile on an extra serving of stuffing? Luckily, there are several nifty ways to fool yourself into eating and drinking less without following a traditional diet.

Drink out of a tall, slim glass. Visual cues can trick us into drinking less juice, wine and beer. Even experienced bartenders tend to pour more into a short, wide glass.

Sleep more. Research shows that when an extra hour of sleep a night replaces idle activity or snacking, you can cut daily caloric intake by 6 percent.

Time your meals. Setting a timer for 20 minutes and eating at a slow, steady pace will make you feel more full than after wolfing down a quick snack. A slow eating pace also prevents overeating.

Use smaller dishes. Logically enough, you’ll eat less per meal when you reduce the size of your dinnerware.