Cold-weather workout

Don’t let winter discourage your morning run

This winter has been extremely mild thus far, but that doesn’t mean temperatures don’t dip and we’re not in for a rainy spell. Don’t let the cold weather discourage your workout. Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic to keep you sweating even during winter:

Layer up: Dress in layers that can be removed easily once your body heats up and put back on during your cool-down.

Protect your extremities: Thick socks, a good pair of gloves (or a few—remember layering!) and a headband are key in winter, as blood flow during exercise is concentrated in your core.

Head into the wind: Do the first half of your workout into the wind so during the second half the wind is at your back and less likely to cause a chill once you’ve started sweating.

Think like it’s summer: That means plenty of water and sunscreen, even if it doesn’t seem all that sunny and you’re not as thirsty as you are when it’s 100 degrees outside. You still need both!