Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic

Chalmers Johnson

Under the radar of the mainstream media, the system has gone “blinking red” regarding the loss of civil liberties and the urgent reasons to impeach both the president and vice-president for unconstitutional acts. A deluge of books and an array of blogs and Web sites are now buzzing at a fever pitch. “We are on the verge of losing our democracy for the sake of keeping our empire,” writes Chalmers Johnson in his third and final book on the creeping military and executive takeover of the American republic. After decades of public acquiescence to this momentum, “the dynamics that apply to all empires come into play: isolation, overstretch, the unity of forces opposed to imperialism and bankruptcy. Nemesis stalks our life as a free nation.” We can reject the path that Rome took and do what the English did, which was to relinquish their empire to save their democracy. The “blowback” from maintaining huge standing armies on 737 military bases in 120 countries is inevitable, as is “an eventual military dictatorship or its civilian equivalent” if the current administration’s insatiable power grab is not checked. This book is impeccably researched, insightfully prescient and disturbingly foreboding.